A New Way to Preserve Unique Headstones

At the Grave Hunters Society our research is often spurred on by nothing more than a grave site. Taking photos can only give you so much of an impression of the headstone. Through a modern process called photogrammetry, we are able to combine several photographs around a monument to create a three-dimensional model of the headstone, giving a better impression of what the monument looks like in context.

First, multiple photos of the monument are combines to create a rough mesh object.
Then, the model is cleaned up and exported

Below, you can interact with a low-resolution version of the 3D model:

An example of this is the wonderful monument of Daniel Beckel at Woodland Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio. The unique beehive atop the monument leads those passing by to wonder at its meaning. Is it a reference to Heaven as the land of "milk and honey?" Does it refer to membership in some secret society?

Well, in this case, the answer is neither. It seems it is meant to be emblematic of Mr. Beckel's industrious and busy life.

Newspaper Clipping Mr. Beckel's Monument
The Daily Empire, Dayton, Ohio · Wednesday, November 19, 1862

Interesting, no? It is also interesting that the monument is described as being "twenty feet high." As is obvious from the photos, this monument falls far short of that. Could the original monument have fallen? Or, is the rest of the monument buried beneath the hill?

Perhaps we at the Grave Hunters Society should do some more "digging."



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