Plots and Lots

Plots, Lots, and the people who inhabit them, this is our specialty. The Grave Hunters Society will intricately piece plots and lots together to form a detailed story of the people that inhabited them. Welcome to The Grave Hunters Society. For several years we have worked as freelance researchers on a wide range of topics that pique our interest. It's hard to know what issue or subject might draw our attention into the (sometimes months-long) rabbit holes that we follow to some exciting discoveries.


Every life lived has some extraordinary stories attached to it, even if those stories are obscured by years of forgetfulness. As Andrea always says, "Its like legal gossip," since everyone involved has passed away.

We've researched interesting genealogy, treasure hoards, property histories, histories of people and events for paranormal groups, just about anything that gives us that, "I've got to know the answer to this," feeling.

While researching, our path gets littered with half-formed thoughts, minor discoveries, dead-ends, and lots and lots (seriously there are a lot) of notes. We wanted a place to record our methods and progress. This is that place. We are The Grave Hunters Society.

Thank you for joining us. Feel free to dig around. If you have any questions, please contact us at


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