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Andrea Discusses Lizzie Borden

Join Andrea from The Grave Hunters Society as she discusses the Lizzie Borden Case with host Tom Rouse, special guests podcaster Kent Rasmussen, author Louis Powell IV, and fellow ET’s. Was Lizzie guilty or innocent? Listen in to us discuss the facts from the past as well as the paranormal of the present. Be sure to check it out

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Gravehunters Interviewed on Strange Journeys

Strange Journeys Live invited Jonathan and Andrea of The Grave Hunters Society to be special guest on the show! We had a great time with host Tom and ET’s Lynn and Kristine! Check it out at

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Indecipherable Handwriting

During your endeavors, it’s not uncommon to come across documents with illegible penmanship. Though it can make research time consuming, it’s not impossible. It’s a great idea to keep “cheat sheets” around like these Victorian penmanship charts. It can help make your deciphering easy and fun! Below you can find the penmanship section of Parsons’ Hand Book of Business and Social Forms

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Paranormal Video Analysis 2020/06/21

Clues: This video was posted by a user on Facebook seeking an explanation for a strange shape that seems to be standing outside the backdoor, and move slowly off-screen after his girlfriend throws something out the backdoor. In the latter half of the video, I’ve zoomed in on the active area. Your browser does not support the video tag. Case: This video was very intriguing, because the movement is very deliberate and precise, and does not seem to be caused by anything immediately noticeable within the scene.

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Image Analysis Report 1000-01

Case No. 1000-01 Conducted by: The Grave Hunters Society, LLC Presented to: The Public Researcher: Jonathan Batteas Revision History Date Revision History Comments 2014/26/10 0.01 Draft of Background Information 2020/06/03 0.1 First Report Draft 2020/06/24 1.0 Final Report Current Version: 1.0 Confidential Information This report shall not be excerpted without prior written permission of The Grave Hunters Society, LLC

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Plots and Lots

Plots, Lots, and the people who inhabit them, this is our specialty. The Grave Hunters Society will intricately piece plots and lots together to form a detailed story of the people that inhabited them. Welcome to The Grave Hunters Society. For several years we have worked as freelance researchers on a wide range of topics that pique our interest. It’s hard to know what issue or subject might draw our attention into the (sometimes months-long) rabbit holes that we follow to some exciting discoveries.

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Waynesville 2014/10/25

Clues: On October 25, 2014, Andrea captured the following photos on her digital camera. Possible Anomalous Photograph Anomalous Photograph Case: A bit of background On October 20, 2012, Andrea and I took part in the Ghosts and Goblets haunted walking tour of Main St. in Waynesville, Ohio, under the expert guidance of Bill Stubbs, lifelong Waynesville resident. We were captivated as Mr. Stubbs recounted the many ghostly tales that have been witnessed throughout the years by the population of Waynesville.