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Paranormal Investigation Background Research

Are you a paranormal investigations group getting ready to perform an investigation? Let us research the history of your location. We look at incidents from the past right up to the present to give you a concise report you can take with you to your investigation, and help focus your investigation.

Image and Video Analysis

Do you have an image or video with something strange in it? Want to see if an image is a fake? Is there a logical explanation for an anomaly you’ve captured? Let us use digital forensic techniques to determine the authenticity of what you’ve captured.

On-site Exploration

Looking for images, or documentation from a location that is too far for you to travel? Let us make the trip for you, and collect the evidence you need.

Antique and Obscure Item Identification

Have an antique and want to know what it is, or how it was used? Only have pieces of a vintage object, and want to know what they belong to? Let us see what we can piece together.

Historical Map Overlays

Would you like to see how geographic features, or buildings have changed over time? Let The Grave Hunters Society put your maps together.

Custom Software and Tools

With over a decade of experience with enterprise-grade software and research engineering, The Grave Hunters Society is in the perfect position to work with you to provide the creation of digital tools to help with your own projects.

Treasure Hunting and Cache Finding

You read that correctly. As famed treasure hunter W.C. Jameson wrote:

“Most of the labor involved in any given treasure hunting expedition takes place in libraries and archives studying research materials.”

The Grave Hunters Society is just the place to look for help scouring those archives.

Get in contact with us, we would love to work with you.