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The Grave Hunters Society was established in 2020 by Andrea and Jonathan Batteas. After years of specialized experience in freelance, historical research, they needed a place to bring together the different facets of their love of exploration into the intriguing and unknown.


Warren Ljungren

Warren brings his medical expertise to the team. As a practicing Family Physician, he has seen and done it all, getting to know his patients and their families in depth. Many times the smallest detail can make all the difference in their medical care. And, of course, understanding the past is paramount to understanding the future, especially so in medicine. Warren loves history. During his undergraduate college years, Warren took a minimal amount of pre-med courses to qualify for medical school. Knowing he would be studying medicine for the rest of his life, he instead packed in as much study of the humanities, especially history, as he could. Warren's forward-thinking approach has served to broaden his horizons throughout his life. Though he is a trained scientist, Warren realizes after 34 years of practice that mainstream science alone can not explain all things.


Jo Ellen Ljungren

Jo Ellen has had a life-long fascination with all things paranormal, especially when it involves historical places or events. She is adept at doing research and can usually find obscure details with her I.T. background from college. She is also an L.P.N. which adds even more medical expertise to the team. Jo has a healthy respect for those who have passed away and is keenly interested in understanding their lives and what might be responsible for their lingering presence. She has developed an uncanny sense, or "gut feeling," about situations that generally lead her to the truth.


Anthony Hay

Anthony (Tony) is a retired insulator. In the paranormal community, he's a sensitive. He can feel the presence of spirits when they are around him. Sometimes its a numbing feeling around his head, neck, or upper-body. Other times its a tap on the shoulder. Looking back to his childhood, he's always had this gift. Of course, back then he thought it was adrenaline. Tony has been ghost hunting since 2014, when his friend Darin Hough introduced him to it using a digital recorder at the Robertson Building in Springfield, Ohio (which has since been razed). He was hooked! Ghost hunting is not just a hobby for Anthony, it's a way of life. He has contact from the other side almost daily. Tony has found, at home, shopping, wherever the spirit world wants to contact him they will.


Darin Hough

Darin Hough, owner, and founder of GhostHuntingSource.com, had several paranormal incidents as a child, which fueled his interest in the supernatural for life. In 2006 he began Miami Valley Paranormal Services, a group dedicated to investigating anything related to the metaphysical using scientific methods. M.V.P.S. has helped many people with unexplained and mysterious phenomena in their homes and businesses. Darin investigates the paranormal to assist others and further his own experience with the unknown. As his team and their notoriety grew, they found themselves in need of a quality provider of ghost hunting equipment. Darin realized no one could do a better job knowing just what a paranormal researcher looks for in gear than a paranormal researcher! So, he started GhostHuntingSource.com, the area's premier investigation supply company.


Andrea Batteas

Andrea grew up with love for all things “old and vintage,” especially if it had a story attached to it. That love eventually became a passion that led her to volunteer for several local historical societies. There she was able to learn and research about the day to day lives of those from our past. Andrea broadened her research abilities in 2014 when she was asked by a nation-wide tour company to write and run a walking haunted history tour for the city of Dayton, Ohio. After the success of those tours, she went on to research and facilitate tours, in cooperation with Ghost Hunting Source and Miami Valley Paranormal Services, of locations in Springfield, Ohio, including the Robertson Building and The State Theater. It was through these tours that her love of urban exploration and investigation into the long-forgotten buildings of the past began to take shape. The tours also allowed her to become acquainted with Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations (PSEI), a paranormal investigation group out of Toledo, Ohio. Andrea completed in-depth research for the team for many locations that included difficult-to-find information such as original landowners, deaths on or near the property, county histories, and individual biographical sketches. With the gift of discernment and intuition, she has an uncanny sense of knowing just where to look for information. She continues her research into anything interesting that comes across her desk.


Jonathan Batteas

Jonathan fell in love with research at a young age when he was told the story of a family treasure buried away in the distant past. This began his voracious appetite for maps of all kinds. As he grew older and started to integrate new technologies into his research and saw an explosion in information he was able to find. He consistently uses his expertise as a software and research engineer for the University of Dayton Research Institute to create custom tools and processes to increase his efficiency as a fact-finder. From geographical information systems (GIS), digital forensics and image analysis, optical character recognition (OCR), text extraction, and sentiment analysis to bulk data acquisition and automated analysis, Jonathan applies computerized techniques to be as thorough and accurate as possible in his findings. He also writes and draws, but that is another story.


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